Thursday, 20 September 2012

Recent creations

Last week i was down in Cornwall and whilst i was in Bude i found a fantastic fabric shop, i have never seen so many fabric in one place! so i bought a few fat quarters that i liked the look of:

 I have no idea what i will do with them but i just liked them :)
This one is may favourite :)

Before the holiday i made a little bag to hold my travel watercolours (to fit in my handbag)

 The contents


Closed, i love this fabric!

Here is something else I have made. Made this yesterday as I had this idea floating around about making a little purse and with Christmas coming up and all I have been making recently are Christmas decorations and jewellery (see the last photo). I got a bundle of Christmas fabrics and a red zip and made this little purse. I love how it turned out and now I want to make more!
 Inside lining fabric
Perfect for holding jewellery :)


  1. Found you while browsing blogger - and I really love your craft ideas! I might even have a good at making the little purses! How easy are they for people with very limited sewing experience?

  2. Hi there! The little purses are fairly easy, you just need to know how to sew straight lines and how to sew a zip in :)


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