Sunday, 14 October 2012

Christmas stock

I have been busy working on Christmas stock the last few months and some of it has already been listed in my shops but I thought I'd wait a bit before making a blog entry about them and as the supermarkets are putting their Christmas stock out I thought now is a good time to make a Christmas blog entry.

These have been completed recently and I love them! Felt Christmas trees with button decorations.
One of my favourite earrings that I made to wear at work last year are these Christmas puddings. So this year I've made some to sell.
and my second favourite earrings we're my gingerbread men and these are for sale too.
I loved making these for my own tree last year and they looked really good too. I made one into a brooch to wear at work as well :)
Not necessarily Christmas but these looked really pretty on the tree with the other Christmasy decorations and were good decorations for Valentines day too.
and a white version.

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