Wednesday, 7 March 2012

An update

So to start off: I finally made the other two angry birds to complete my collection (and no i am not including the irritating green boomerang bird, i refuse to acknowledge its existence lol) i like how the black bird turned out, and the white one i was pleased with until i put its eye liner on and its waaaaaay too dark now, also hes quite a bit smaller then he should be.

Some more love hearts were made yesterday (50 to be exact) so after they have the backs varnished they will be ready to assemble into more bracelets.

Also some Oreos, as my etsy shop had all the oreo earrings stock i needed to make some more for Folksy.
I think these are my best ones yet :)

And look what the postman brought me! yummy buttons and ribbon from LovePaperFish on Etsy

So i can now start planning some bracelets and decorations in time for the Jubilee and Olympics.

Right this isn't getting my Love hearts varnished is it?

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