Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Art materials

Last week i worked on my photography section on my website so that is now up and running Here. Not much else creativity-wise :(

And this week due to many things i am unable to make stuff :( so instead as i am getting ready for my holiday to Devon next week, I thought i would share what art materials i am going to take.

Here is my Watercolour travel bag:
It was a present many many years ago from my aunt, and it holds everything!


The brush compartment is attached by Velcro so its able to come out. Here i have a little water bottle, a HB pencil with rubber attached, Ruling pen (for Masking fluid) two water brushes (one broad and one medium) a little spray mister, some Derwent Watercolour pencils. Then the brushes are Winsor and Newton sables and Premier sables and one Chinese brush.

This is all the stuff from the zipped compartments. two boxes of Winsor and Newton watercolours plus some tubes. Sponges and kitchen roll, a spray bottle, a little bottle of salt, an expanding water container, and a folding palette.

And this is all my drawing equipment. Uni Pin drawing pens, Faber-Castell pencils and clutch pencils. Two putty rubbers, normal rubber, pencil shaped rubber and sharpeners.

and that's all the equipment i take on painting days out (plus paper of course!)

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