Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Yesterday i finally sat down and made a cushion cover (I've been meaning to make one ever since i got my sewing machine in march eeek!) I have some very nice fabric that i already made a pencil case out of:

The Front

and the Back, nice and simple cover, all one bit of fabric, something i learned at school (though i haven't made one since then either!)

Not pleased with how loose the flap is, but its a cover and it covers the cushion and it looks pretty (I can see myself making lots of things with this fabric lol)

Last Saturday whilst i was on lunch i managed to sit down and start this drawing, continued it on Sunday and i think as finished as its going to be :) Golden eagle, in graphite.

Yesterday i managed to make something with fimo as well:

This is a Creeper from the game Minecraft, he's painted with acrylics and now sits on a necklace.

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