Thursday, 8 November 2012

Adventures with lino

Whoops kinda let myself get behind on updating this. Anyway here is what i was doing last week:

So i first started out with some practice sheets of polystyrene and indenting it with a pencil. This first image shows the 3 stages as i was trying out my image. I decided i didn't like the way I've done this as its more of a negative.
The polystyrene sheet.

With a good idea of what i now want the finished print to look like i transfer my image to Soft cut lino using Tracedown. Soft cut lino is so fun and easy to use, it really is soft!

Here is the first trial print to see if any edges need refining.

Then i scoop out all of the background and print it with gold printing ink on black paper (the final print will be my Christmas card for this year) i don't like the black so next i will get some red paper and then the red breast of the robin will be red and with the gold ink hopefully it will look Christmasey.
All the kit i used.

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