Friday, 17 November 2017

Fimo Friday

In the shop here
These two were a commission and are currently on their way to their new home:

Monday, 13 November 2017

October Scrawlrbox

So this was Octobers Scrawlrbox:
I was pretty happy when I opened the box, you know I like black pens  so new pens and ones I haven't used before make for a happy Michelle. I usually take individual photos of everything but as we are going into winter and there's less sunny or bright days, these photos I took shortly after opening it will have to do. 

I've used a white Graphik paint maker before and my best friend has a box of all the colours so I already knew this existed and had tried them before. Nice pens, they put down paint (acrylic?) so they are good for going on top of dark colours and still are nice and opaque. Use again? Yes

Zig Dual Writer pen, Nice black pen one end is for fine detail and other is a broad felt tip, however whilst drawing my picture when I went to rub out the pencil a lot of the paper lifted with it! arg! I think that was due to the paper though. Use again? its been added to my collection, I will need to test its waterproofness though.

Artline ergoline pen, Yay another black pen! however this one bled on the paper so I didnt get to use it, but it does write really well on my notebook so I have adopted it as my new writing pen. Use again? Yes

Staedtler Graphite pencil, I liked this pencil a lot, has been added to the pencil case. Use again? Yes

The little book we were given was an A6 Hahnemuhle book, I don't think the paper was suited for the pens in this box, well the Graphik pens did ok but they are paint and sit on the paper surface rather than go in the paper. Use again? Not likely

And here is the art I did: the prompt was equilibrium but I was more inspired by the featured artist's print which was a zentangle thing

Monday, 25 September 2017

September Scrawlrbox

So this is Septembers box and I love it! Watercolours!!!!!

3 Tubes of Van Gogh Watercolours, (I've always wanted to do a photo of tubes of paint with some squeezed out).
Likey to use again? Yes! I love having different brands of watercolours in my paint box and these are quite big sizes in comparison to some I already own.

Seawhite Synthetic brushes, not the best for watercolours as synthetic doesn't hold as much water as sable brushes, also strong pigments stain them.
Likey to use again? Yes, its always good to have many brushes, and these will add to the seawhite brushes I got in February's box

Pentel correcting pen, I think I would have preferred a white watercolour pencil to this as this comes out quite thick. The prompt was Space Mask so we would use this for stars but its really big, at least a white watercolour pencil could be shaved and the pigment mixed with water and then you could splatter the paint with a brush over the piece to create random stars.
Likey to use again? Sort of, I will add it to my stationary collection.

And Finally Watercolour pencils by Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth. I like these, the colours are a good choice for the prompt I would have liked a purple but you can make it with the blue and pink. As I said above you can get a knife or sharpen these pencils (removing the wood shaving) and mix the pigment with water and you get a homemade watercolour pan. Which gives you a much stronger colour than if you coloured the paper and went over with water. 
Likey to use again? Yes, I already have a few watercolour pencils (derwent) and these will add more colours.

The prompt was Space mask, I have already done something but I want to add more detail to it.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Scrawlrbox August


I really loved how technical Augusts box was:
A new mechanical pencil! and it came with refills Yay! This pencil has a good weight to it and its made its way into my pencil case along with the Fiesta mechanical pencil from February's box.
Likey to use again? Yes

Another Derwent product, this is a good little rubber, one of two shapes we could have received. Fits nicely in my hands and it rubs out pretty well.
Likey to use again? Yes 

More Alcohol markers, this time by Spectrum noir. Not heard of these before but they work pretty well from a novice marker point of view. Looking through Instagram it looks like there was another colour combination that other people received, a pink and a teal colour. 
Likey to use again? Maybe, I might have to get some other colours to go with them though.

I already have one of these, but it was nice to have a pen to go with the mechanical pencil.
Likey to use again? Yes

This was cool, I don't do straight lines, perspective or any thing isometric so this tool was great fun to use. 
Likey to use again? I think so

This is my drawing for the challenge, Imagination palace. Loads of other people drew palaces or castles so I decided to be different and draw a room from my imagination palace. Also inspired by Baldur's Gate which is an Isometric top down RPG game which I am currently playing at the moment. However after photographing it I have realised that I haven't done any shading in it :( poop.

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