Monday, 18 September 2017

Scrawlrbox August


I really loved how technical Augusts box was:
A new mechanical pencil! and it came with refills Yay! This pencil has a good weight to it and its made its way into my pencil case along with the Fiesta mechanical pencil from February's box.
Likey to use again? Yes

Another Derwent product, this is a good little rubber, one of two shapes we could have received. Fits nicely in my hands and it rubs out pretty well.
Likey to use again? Yes 

More Alcohol markers, this time by Spectrum noir. Not heard of these before but they work pretty well from a novice marker point of view. Looking through Instagram it looks like there was another colour combination that other people received, a pink and a teal colour. 
Likey to use again? Maybe, I might have to get some other colours to go with them though.

I already have one of these, but it was nice to have a pen to go with the mechanical pencil.
Likey to use again? Yes

This was cool, I don't do straight lines, perspective or any thing isometric so this tool was great fun to use. 
Likey to use again? I think so

This is my drawing for the challenge, Imagination palace. Loads of other people drew palaces or castles so I decided to be different and draw a room from my imagination palace. Also inspired by Baldur's Gate which is an Isometric top down RPG game which I am currently playing at the moment. However after photographing it I have realised that I haven't done any shading in it :( poop.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Fimo Friday

Glow in the dark!

These two dragons are the trouble dragons that I wrote about in a blog post here  I was fully expecting to snap the tails when putting the spider charms on. Unfortunately because of my luck both the dragons have a wobble due to their tails being in the air, so the dice are glue in their hands to weigh them and stop the wobble.

Freaking love this guy, just love the horns and the colours, though this time I have used a slightly lighter green for the belly and accents than I usually do. Also made completely with Sculpey Souffle

This guy is also made with Sculpey Souffle, I really like using this clay and might continue to do so.

All these guys are in my shop here and there are more images there too.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Black Fine liners

I have a bit of an obsession with Black pens, and have collected a few over the years in pursuit of the perfect one.

My oldest pens are the Uni Pin pens, I use to use these all the time, they were quite good pens and not too expensive. Haven't used them for a while now as I am playing with newer pens so they are starting to dry out.

This is the Pilot G-TEC-C4, its a gel pen but the lines are nice and thin.

Another Pen I use to use all the time for larger areas of colour is the Paper Mate Flair. It does run out quickly and tends not to survive not being used for a while as its a felt tip

This pen I was given as a present have haven't really used it properly. Pentel Brush Pocket Pen, however I think I might start using it again as I have discovered its more waterproof then most of the pens on this page.

Derwent Graphik line Markers, I bought these pens 2 years ago and fell in love with how dark the black is, and then got the grey to add more depth to line drawings. The sepia and Grey come in 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 sizes whereas the black has 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8. Derwent also do a range of paint markers so you can get a white one as well for highlights.

Staedtler Pigment liners, I'll be honest these pens I have used the least amount compared to the rest as they are not as waterproof as I had hoped.

Ooooo I love the Zig Mangaka Flexible pen, it came with April's Scrawlrbox (I think) along with the manga 0.5 (which is a size I don't use often). I already have the replacement pen in my shopping basket on amazon ready for when it finally runs out (Which might be soon as I use it so much). Any pen work in the last few months has had this pen used on it :)

Another Scrawlrbox pen is the Stabilo Point Max. This one is not waterproof at all and limits its use.

Artline 200 again another Scrawlrbox pen and again not waterproof, but when you get it wet it kinda goes blue lol

Stabilo point 88 This months Scrawlrbox pen (August), I already have one of these, it came with 9 other coloured pens that I use for admin stuff with my Etsy shop. They are nice to write with, I've read that they run out quick but I haven't found that. 

Micron Pens the newest addition to my collection and I love them so much as they are waterproof so I use them a lot with the Mangaka flexible for a lot of my recent work (skull-a-day)

Anyway it's nice to finally test and compare all the pens against each other.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Fimo Friday

Two of these little dragons have gone off to new homes but the others plus the Galaxy donut earrings are available in the shop

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Scrawlrbox July

Wink of Luna, Metallic brush pen. I did not like this pen, I don't know if i got a dud or its suppose to work like this. The bottom scribble is the pen dipped in water to see if it worked better.  
Likey to use again? No

I liked the black pen as I have an obsession with collecting Fine Black pens. Unfortunately its not waterproof so it limits its use.
Likey to use again? The black one yes, probably not the blue one

The Post Chalk pen was a weird pen as its clear to begin with so its difficult to use for art. 
Likey to use again? Yes for my blackboard

Wasn't sure what to do with this pen, so I used it for the background. Works nicely, good flow of ink/colour.
Likey to use again? Probably not 

These are heavy colouring pencils, the pack says they are super durable and I believe it, they put down colour nicely, my only gripe is there was no purple, one of my favourite colours.
Likey to use again? Maybe as part of my travel art supplies

And here is the horrific self portrait, Its not going to be posted anywhere but here, The prompt was Shattered Self and I tried to use as much as I could from the box (apart from the crappy wink of luna brush)

Anyway got Augusts box to work on now. 

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