Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sewing Sunday

I dun some sewing, w00t! 
Yesterday I went to a wedding and I finally made myself an item of clothing to wear, and a wedding is a perfect opportunity to wear a pretty dress:

I have had a pattern from Love Sewing magazine for a year? 2 years? Its called the Ruby dress by Simple Sew. This one here 
I made it longer in the skirt because I don't skirts higher then my knees, I also made the petticoat underneath it as well. The belt was bought from a car boot sale for less then a pound. 

So yeah there is plenty wrong with it, like pokey boob darts and wonky side darts lol I did managed to get all the seams matched/aligned so I'm pleased with that as I usually fail at them.

Yay a dress! that I made! Happy Michelle :) 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Fimo Friday

Moar Dragons:
Little purple gaming dragon.

I made a custom dragon family as a wedding present for some friends. I really love the little dragon babies!

And the heart 

My favourite dragon so far this year and has already sold, Vault-Tec Dragon! with a tiny Pip-boy on its arm. I am currently working on another two one male and one female, they should be in the shop by the weekend. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Birthstone dragons update

September, Sapphire, I don't know what happened when I was photographing this one, somehow the white background kept picking up a blue/purple tint from somewhere. Most annoying. Better photos here

This one is probably my favourite so far, October, Opal. It kinda came out feminine so I am going to do another one with a blue belly. More photos and the etsy listing here

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