Sunday, 24 November 2013

Some Dragons

As its getting closer to Christmas there is not a lot I can blog about as I am busy making gifts for friends and family and I can't post about them till after they have received them at Christmas, but here are two dragons I have made recently:

Orange and Black, nice and simple.

and Black and Gold, I really love this colour combination! Also as I was making him the gold mica particles were sticking to my hands then transferring on the black and has made a really cool effect on his body. Tricky to photograph though.
This little dragon may be up for sale in my shop soon (that's if I don't get too attached!)

Saturday, 9 November 2013


I have been busy this week working on some commissions so I can't post pictures just yet. However this week I received some more buttons to refill my button collections!

Yummy Red
Christmas selection

and I wanted some blues to liven up my mixed selection of coloured buttons. All these buttons are from if you like me feel the need for more buttons (you can never have enough)

Another project I am working on requires some felt balls, so I have 1.5cm balls from Bloomingfelt and 2cm balls from 

You might be able to guess what the theme is from the colours I have ;)

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Snowflake Earrings

I've been working on a new design for my snowflake earrings this year that I think make them even more sparkly and pretty

Instead of the glittery clay I have used a pearlescent clay which shimmers, and I have added a Swarovski bicone bead to each earring. These are available in both Etsy and Folksy shops. They are also available in gift boxes as well, and for anyone who liked the glittery snowflakes I still have a few of them available too.
Shiny Swarovski bead.

Something I forgot to post in my Halloween themed post was this chainmaille bracelet I made to wear around Halloween. I made a Halloween charm bracelet too but I broke it :(
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