Friday, 10 June 2016

Birthstone Dragons

I've been working on a new series of dragons this past month, Birthstone Dragons! I started with June as I started the series in May and I wanted to list them in the shop as soon as they were done. Logically the ones that would sell would be the dragons whose months were closer (gifts and such). 
So here is June Pearl:
Tricky to photograph the dragon and get the pearl in focus at the same time especially as my 35mm lens has just broken :(

July Ruby:
A bit of planning has to go into the colour schemes because Ruby is red just like Garnet and I don't want two similar dragons with only one difference.

August Peridot:
This one casued me the greatest difficulty with the colour scheme, I was stuck on this for quite some time which is why I am not as far into the series as I would have liked at this point. I was going to leave it and work on Septembers but I am glad I persevered as I think this one is my favourite so far.

June and July have already sold so I am planning on restocking them soon but August is going to be in the shop today or tomorrow? (still waiting on the varnish to dry). 

So that's what I have been working on so far. 

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