Thursday, 23 February 2012

Cactus Pin Cushion

Here is my cactus pin cushion, made from felt and using a template and from Mollie Makes magazine. So much fun to make and was quick and easy too!

Also i found some wool and knitting needles and attempted some knitting, been years since i have done any. Also i started to learn Crotchet as i have never done it before and thought that i should give it a go! so these are my attempts.

Monday, 20 February 2012


Due to working lots last week, i was not able to make anything (well apart from one thing, but you'll see that tomorrow) So i thought i would blog about my favourite sketchbooks; Moleskine!

This is my current collection. Two A5 plain soft back books, plus one A5 Watercolour sketchbook. A6 size: one Plain soft back book, one Soft back lined note book, Watercolour sketchbook and 2012 hardback diary (looking a bit poorly)

Inside: On the left is the oldest Moleskine i have and it's seen better days with the cover coming apart, its quite old as there are dragon ideas in it and i haven't draw dragons for ages. The middle is my newest plain book from my best friend, just got a couple of big cat skull sketches in at the moment.

Then its my watercolour sketchbook with a painting of my watercolour box on the first page, its meant to be my artist journal but so far i haven't really journalled much in it. Then finally my A6 watercolour sketchbook which has a few watercolour studies of the birds that frequent my garden (my favourite painting being the Treecreeper)

And there we have it, my lovely collection of yummy Moleskine books.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Angry Birds

Having only recently started playing Angry Birds i have gotten the need to make them out of fimo, and today i did. I really like how the pig turned out and the little blue bird is my favourite hehe!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Human heart

Made out of fimo of course! This was loads of fun to make, and its not perfect yet i still have a few things to work on getting right.
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