Thursday, 20 December 2012

Blackboard Cup

Since seeing a few tutorials of Cheese boards and mugs painted with Pebeo's Porcelaine Blackboard paint, i have been dying to find some and try it. The internet wasn't being very helpful in locating some so i ordered this mug kit from my art shop.

This is the result, i have only applied two coats not sure if i should do three and it hasn't been baked yet so in theory i could wash it off and start again. I am pleased with it and it now serves as a little calender on my desk :)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Due to working on Christmas presents i have been unable to blog about what i have been making, however i have managed today to work on something for myself:

Another cushion!, but this time i have put piping around the edges. I have never done anything with piping before so this was an experiment and i am really pleased with the result and i did go wonky a few times but i am really happy with it.

And i had another go with putting a zip in, i think i am getting better and i really like how it blends in with the stripes.


and a corner, i am pleased with these as i was worried i wasn't sewing them right.

Right back to my looooooong to do list.
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