Sunday, 16 October 2016

An update

Whats been going on since I last posted in here: I got a new type of varnish for my polymer clay models, its a UV resin and it cures in a UV box:

So now that I don't have to wait a week for the varnish on my dragons to dry I can have them made and in the shop much quicker! as the box cures the resin in 10 to 15 mins! 

So this little chap was the first dragon to have the new varnish:

The resin gives a very high gloss shine

I also varnished some new pumpkins with it as well and you can see the comparison here:

old varnish on the left and new on the right.

The new pumpkins are also in the shop with the Poison dragon here

I did also make another octopus but apparently I haven't photograph it yet hmmm...

I am slowly working on Inktober as well, but I'll make another post for that a bit later. 

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