Friday, 24 April 2015

Moar dragons..

Busy restocking my shop with dragons at the moment, here are some of the new ones:

Dragon's Dust: Wish,
For some reason the image in this blog has come out waaaay darker then he actually is :s My Facebook page has a better image  (despite it being the same image I have just uploaded here)

Going to be in the Etsy shop shortly

Dragon's Dust: Dreams, This little girl has a vial of dreams wrapped tightly in her tail.

Will be on Etsy soon

I loved the sleeping dragon pose so much I made a D20 dragon. The D20 is removable so it can be used for games and given back to the dragon for safe keeping afterwards.

He will be in the shop once I have finished varnishing him and he's dry.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dragonsdust Dragons

Been kind of rubbish at updating this blog recently, so here is a summary of some new things I have been working on:

Started a new series of dragons, These are Dragon's dust dragons because of the little vials of dragons dust held in their tails.

The red one is Love and she is available here
The green one is Lucky and he already has a home.

I am working on another one at the moment, just waiting for his varnish to finish drying.

I have also been working with Super
Sculpey and Acrylic Paint, making these little duck figurines. The reason I am making little duck figurines is practice for some wedding cake toppers for my best friend's wedding.
Mute Swan.

Then I redid the ducks to have a more realistic head and neck shape.

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