Friday, 13 September 2013


My little blog is 2 years old today! Yay!

So what have I been up to this week? well I've been working on my knitting again:

I plan on knitting a few squares each week and maybe in a years time I will have enough for a blanket. I got the idea from this blog and her sky blanket shes been working on. Anyway I hope that I will get better and that the improvement will be able to be tracked in the squares :)
Last week I ordered some stickers from to go on the orders from my shops, and they arrived today! I am so pleased with them, I want to stick them on everything now! but I won't as that be a waste, well maybe a few....

And as its fimo Friday I have not one but two projects that I've been working on:

Halloween dragon!

Made from mostly Premo Clay, I love the green accents colour its so pretty! I've used a different varnish to what I usually varnish my clay creations, so he is even more glossy!
Under 2 inches high, 2.5 long and 2 inches at the widest part and sits quite happily in my hand.
And my second dragon who I have just finished today (so much so the varnish was still wet when taking photos)

Dragons Dust. Made from the shimmery blue and white clay, he has a little vial of dragons dust.

Had some problems with this one, first off one of the wings came off after baking so he had to go back in for a second bake to fix it, but that caused his horns to get singed :( I managed to sort the white horns but as you can see the blue horn singe is still visible. Also the tail is suppose to be more wrapped around the vial but in the oven it unstuck from its place. Oh well..

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sketching Sunday

Here are two sketches I have completed this week:

Hartmann's Mountain Zebra
And Loot the Peregrine/Lanner hybrid.

On a different note: September already?!

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