Thursday, 30 November 2017

November's Scrawlrbox (finally!)

November's Scrawlrbox finally dropped on my doormat this morning! 

They sent us emails over a week ago saying there was a delay with sending the boxes out due to one of the suppliers being late. So it arrived today and I quite like the look of it, you know I love my black fine liners and this was a brand/make I haven't used before so I am excited to play with them. I also like the prompt 'Born from bubbles' and I love the print from Cai Burton. 

Any way I will probably get round to working on my challenge this weekend.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Derpy Reindeer

He came as a free kit from a magazine and hes suppose to have more decorations on him but I like him naked hehe. This took far too long to make and was quite stressful, the last time I attempted something like this it was a fox and it did not go well.....

Anyway despite his tiny feet and derpy face, I like him and hes going to go on a shelf when we start decorating for Christmas. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Fimo Friday

In the shop here
These two were a commission and are currently on their way to their new home:

Monday, 13 November 2017

October Scrawlrbox

So this was Octobers Scrawlrbox:
I was pretty happy when I opened the box, you know I like black pens  so new pens and ones I haven't used before make for a happy Michelle. I usually take individual photos of everything but as we are going into winter and there's less sunny or bright days, these photos I took shortly after opening it will have to do. 

I've used a white Graphik paint maker before and my best friend has a box of all the colours so I already knew this existed and had tried them before. Nice pens, they put down paint (acrylic?) so they are good for going on top of dark colours and still are nice and opaque. Use again? Yes

Zig Dual Writer pen, Nice black pen one end is for fine detail and other is a broad felt tip, however whilst drawing my picture when I went to rub out the pencil a lot of the paper lifted with it! arg! I think that was due to the paper though. Use again? its been added to my collection, I will need to test its waterproofness though.

Artline ergoline pen, Yay another black pen! however this one bled on the paper so I didnt get to use it, but it does write really well on my notebook so I have adopted it as my new writing pen. Use again? Yes

Staedtler Graphite pencil, I liked this pencil a lot, has been added to the pencil case. Use again? Yes

The little book we were given was an A6 Hahnemuhle book, I don't think the paper was suited for the pens in this box, well the Graphik pens did ok but they are paint and sit on the paper surface rather than go in the paper. Use again? Not likely

And here is the art I did: the prompt was equilibrium but I was more inspired by the featured artist's print which was a zentangle thing

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