Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Work in progress Wednesday

This is a work in progress of my Chapmans' Zebra painting. Acrylics on a Fabriano Pittura pad. Its unusual for me to work with such a muted colour scheme.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Sketching Saturday

This is one of (hopefully) a regular schedule of blog posts. Sketching Saturday, every Saturday i intend to post any sketches that i have worked on during the week. It could also be Sewing Saturday but i haven't done any sewing for a couple of weeks now :(

For a change i decided to dig out some photos i had taken of zebras, with the intention of learning the difference between the different types. Marwell Zoo happens to have 3 subspecies: Chapman's, Grevy's and Hartmann's Zebras, however i have only managed to get good photos of two of them.

This is a Grevy's Zebra, lots of stripes.

This one is a Chapman's Zebra, really big black stripes, easier to draw lol.

Second drawing of the Chapman's, on Pittura Acrylic paper ready to be painted in acrylics. Refined the sketch as the jaw was too long on the first sketch and the mouth wasn't right.

And here is a finished sketch of a Bald eagle i drew over 2 weeks ago and forgot about, whoops.
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