Saturday, 26 November 2016

Another Update

Kinda neglected this again haven't I? lol

The begging of November I was in Hong kong for nearly 2 weeks which was super fun and I loved every minute of it, I might make a seperate blog post for photos when I have finally sorted through them lol.

Anyway I have been making some more dragons for my shop the last two weeks, this week hasnt been too productive as I have had a cold :(

First up non-dragons:

Dishonored 2 came out when we landed back in the UK so I made a Rune as I love the game so much! 

Steampunk octopus, Love this little guy, he came out better then I was expecting. He was suppose to have a top hat as well but after I had antiqued the metal it didn't look right.

Dragon D20 couple, the d20s are removable and can be switched with each others.

They are also not stuck together so the can be posed differently. They are available here

And I finally made Novembers Birthstone: Topaz! I really love the colour combination of this one, available here

I have also made Decembers Birthstone as well but that's waiting to be varnished, which I shall do shortly.

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