Friday, 6 February 2015

Fimo Friday

I have been working on lots of fimo this week and reviving some old pieces with new designs. First up is a new Oreo dragon I made last week:
Trying to vary the poses with these dragons. She is up on my Etsy along with 7 other dragons.

And this week I have been working on Earrings:
Bananas were the first to get revamped, with a new technique that (I hope) makes them look more realistic.
I love Carrot earrings as they are so colourful. With these I tried a different way of doing the green stuff at the top and I like it a lot better then my old ones.
I always struggle with keeping the white clay clean with fried eggs which is why they haven't been in my shop for a few years. However I made these with gloves on and it really reduces the amount of fluff that gets in the clay. I have also added a Swarovski bead in between the hook and the egg so they face the correct way when worn, as I use to have to bend the hook which never looked professional.
Tiny Eggs and Carrots studs!
and lastly some Paint palette earrings. I only made one pair for myself to wear when I worked at the Art shop. I rediscovered some of the palette bases that had never got finished and decided to give these guys another go. I might try to make some tiny paint brushes to go on top of the palettes but I'm not sure I can make anything that tiny lol. 

All of these earrings are up in both Etsy and Folksy I only have one pair of each earring in each shop as I want to see if they sell before I make a job lot of them
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