Monday, 29 January 2018

Scrawlrbox January 2018

January's Scrawlrbox dropped on the mat last week and here it is:

I am in two minds about this box, I like the Blackwing pencil and I like the Edding pen, the sketchbook is nice but the Magic Markers I feel are not going to work on the paper, or at least they are going to cause issues, not sure on the colours. Anyway as I said in a previous blog, I was super inspired by my new skull and I tried out this box straight away:

First off the Blackwing pencil is very dark and does not like being rubbed out at least not on this paper. The Markers worked as expected on this paper, scratchy and I had to put the print that came with the box between the sheets to stop it bleeding through on to the next sheet. I only used one pen as I couldn't really work out how I was going to add the blush colour into my drawing. Anyway I like the skull and it was a good test run of the art supplies. 

The prompt is Starlet so for the ScrawlrChallenge I am going to have to come up with something that fits, hmmmm.... 

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